Friday, March 5, 2010

In and Out

This week my In and Out routine will be more like what was totally:

♥ I finally bought two nail polishes I have been lusting after for ages:  OPI My Private Jet and Mad As A Hatter!  Soooo excited about these :)
♥ Alice In Wonderland is finally here!  I bought my tickets already, I can't wait!
♥  One of my classes ended this week~ that lightens up the load a bit :)
♥ I am going to visit my mom for the weekend, and I am flying there, so no bad traffic or weather to deal with on a long, boring drive
♥  I will be visiting an area that has an Ulta!!!  Yay since they don't have one here, where I live.
♥  My favorite candy of all time:  Cadbury Creme Eggs!!!  And it is that time of year again...
♥ I tracked down a 'fauxnad' nail plate with Hello Kitty on it!  For those that don't know, they are for nail stamping art.  I'll be posting pics and info once it comes in the mail.


... and what was a total:    
I miss my kitty cats terribly when I go out of town :(
X  I spilled coffee everywhere while doing homework.  Now my homework packet and my notebook smell like a coffee bean, and look crumpled and brown
X  I saw a guy fall down a flight of concrete stairs today, he was banged up so bad we ended up calling an abmulance for him
X  I have so many things I want to blog about, but haven't been able to fit it into my schedule lately =(


Thanks for reading!  I hope your weekend gets off to a fantastic start!  I plan to do at least one blog update this weekend while I am away.  Follow me on Twitter for fun trip updates.  It will be a fun weekend for me filled with good friends, good food, good shopping... and just being at home with my mom!  XOXO


  1. Juana said...
    Ooooh i Hope you have a Great Trip Girl.
    Karen said...
    @Juana- Thanks so much! I did have a great trip. I am back now, and I have so many great things to blog about! Thanks for checking out my blog and following xx
    Taj Acosta said...
    Great blog dear! Keep up the creative work! xoxo

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