Friday, March 12, 2010

New Nude Lip Goodies- MAC

The ultimate trend I happened upon in the last year was the complementing a heavily lined eye with a nude lip.  I do so love a nude lip!  So, I tend to scoop up many nude lip products to try out, and now I am cycling through many offered by MAC.  I blogged about Myth and Creme d'Nude before, and I love them both, with Myth being my favorite, because I prefer a matte, opaque lipstick.

For the new nude lip goodies:

First up is Lip Erase Lip Balm, which is fantastic at cancelling out the color of your lip pigment in one applcation, and is a great base coat for a lipstick color on top of that.  It is long lasting, and very effective.  I have found that this is also amazing under any Lipglass, and the color of your lips become precisely the color of the Lipglass product.  The concept is the same for any lipcolor in any lipstick.  If you use this item, remember to apply the color with a brush or your finger, as the nude color lip balm will transfer onto your lipstick.

Featured next are two very differing tones of lipstick. One is very pale, and the other is dark.  The first lipstick is Equality, a creamy pale yellow beige Lustre Lipstick.  Next in the picture is Freckletone, which is a neutral peach Lustre Lipstick.

Lip Erase Lip Balm, Equality, Freckltone

Now get your nude lip on!  XX Muah!
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  1. SilhouetteScreams said...
    Oh wow, Freckletone is SO DARK in comparison! Loved this post, it's good to see that all nudes aren't created equal :P
    Juana said...
    I've never ever used lip nudes before. I have some glosses and feel they make me look dead when I put it on, but this colors look beautiful. I might grab one of those soon as my first time using mac. So one of those are deffinitely on the list. I didn't think they look good on me because I think that it doesn't look good with my brown skin. I am totally liking this lip nudes. Hopufully some day soon I'll try the three. 
    Karen said...
    @SilhouetteScreams and Juana- Yes, it is true all nudes are not equal, and there are even "pink-nudes" for those that don't like the fleshy nude color of lips. I will definately post some swatches of those.

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