Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun Trend - The Cameo

I have a modest collection of these charming and beautiful amulets.  My little colleciton is a bit of old and new, and a bit of borrowed and of blue... hmmm... kinda sounds related to weddings!  But, they aren't.  Let me tell you a little about a few of my favorite jewelry pieces.

The small blue cameo is one I've had since I was little, it is a little Avon treasure that was given to me by my mother.  The second piece is actually a fabulous vintage scarf ring, which was my grandmother's.  I use it as a ring, cocktail style.  The last is a charm I found at a craft store, and so I cleverly fashioned it into a necklace!  (haha)

The cameo is steeped in Greek and Roman origin, and it is a closely related art form to the bust, which is a sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person.  The cameo is a relief sculpture, and can be scenery or a portrait, but for most jewelry we see today it is a relief portrait of a woman.  I love that this single form of adornment and fashion has lasted so many centuries.  It was loved and influenced by the French during the Renaissance, the English through the Victorian Era, and many other European countries have contributed and carry on the cameo tradition today. 

I hope to add some more pieces to my colleciton, as they are timeless and beautiful!  Also, it is fun to hold onto multi-generational pieces.  What kinds of jewelry has been passed along to you? I would love to hear your stories.  I hope you enjoyed my little fashion rant today.  Thanks for reading! 


  1. Hannah Banana said...
    The Cameo is timeless. And I love how rich in history it is. You know when you see it that it is probably a peice of jewellery that has been around for a while, or has a past or story to be told. Love it. I love the scarf ring you are using as a cocktail ring and the oversized charm. Very cool because it's crossed it ovr into todays fashion. Hip and large and chunky. xx
    Karen said...
    @Hannah Banana- you are so right! The cameo is timeless, isn't it? And I love re-purposing and re-using old items with a story.
    Taj Acosta said...
    These are great, the light blue one is gorgeous! These are timeless. Great blog xoxo

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