Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have overlooked this gloss in my collection for a while, but out of the blue I reached for it the other day.  I really liked the formula, the slight shimmer, and the color was very pretty.  I am not one to do bright vivid colors on the lips, and so it fit right into my comfort/preference zone.

It is: Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect in the color 04 Rose Taboo.

The most impressive thing about this gloss is that it the color was still on my lips after about 2 hours of wear, and they still appeared full.  I did not eat or drink in the duration of that time, so that will most likely change the outcome.  I purchased mine at Sephora and I am now considering the color 02 Impertinent Nude.

Thanks for reading!!  ♥

Saturday, February 27, 2010

LOTD: Look Of The Day

I have been playing around with some Spell Cosmetics eye shadows, and I am so in love with them!  They are rich in color and the intensity is buildable.  They are finely milled mineral shadows, and are very blendable.  They work well with both wet and dry applications. 

The colors I am gushing about are the Moonspell Collection:

Dry Swatches

I have really been getting into using blue shadows lately.  I am on a mission to challenge myself to use more color in my eye looks, and I find I often reach for blue to up the intensity. Here is a look I did to go out.  I think it is soft and subtle, while having a hint of drama.

I do find that the deep blues like navy blue, brighten my eyes and help them to look larger. 

Another part of what makes this look so fun for me is the eyelashes,  ELF Professional Eye Lash Kit.  I wasn't expecting much from these lashes, but with a little DUO glue and black liner they worked out well.

The other things I used on my face:

Revlon PhotoReady 003 Shell
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium
MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick
NYX Blush Natural
Maybeline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara
Maybeline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner
MAC Eye Kohl Feline
NYX Lipliner Nepal
**mentioned already: Spell Cosmetics Eye Shadow and DUO Lash Glue

I hope you enjoyed!  This was a fun blog post to put together!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging about all the fun beauty finds I run across in my life is very exciting and fulfilling, but in another area of my life, I have another obsession.  I am obsessed with my kitty-cats!  I have two:

Maggie and Bandit

This is Maggie:  She is a rescue kitty we got 2 years ago in California, and she is now 5 years old.  She is very wooly, very mellow, and the most well behaved cat I have ever met.  She likes to be near us, but isn't a snuggly kitty.  She has a grumpy look, but is the sweetest thing ever!

caught mid yawn

Maggie the rockstar

This is Bandit:  He is our little Deutchland (German) kitty.  We adopted him in Germany when he was just under a year old.  He is now 6 years old.  He is very active, very naughty, very demanding of attention ALL of the time... He loves to be held, he loves sleeping under the covers, and he is our little love.

Sleepy little fuzzy angel...

My little cinnamon swirly kitty

Hope you enjoyed the break from the usual to see some pics of my favorite furry creatures!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Part II:  The rest of the story...

NYX Chrome Eye Shadow

NYX Eye Shadow
Normally, eyeshadow is an area where I go CRAZY, but because I already have so many of the NYX single shadows, I toned it down a bit in this order. o_O

Pk 1: 24 Wedges  Pk 2:  Misc Mixture

NYX Blush Brush

And that's wrap!  I have high expectations for each and every product, as NYX has always delivered great results before.  NYX Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup product lines, and they are sold at drugstore prices.  You can purchase NYX in Ulta stores, or a number of places online.

Thanks!  What is your fave NYX product? 

Monday, February 22, 2010

I loaded up on NYX products during their Dollar Galore Sale, and so this will be posted in two parts.

Part I:  Lips

NYX Lips Lipstick

Slim Lip Pencils

Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss

NYX Sheer Gloss

NYX Brush On Gloss(2) / Mega Shine Lip GLoss

**Because the Taupe and Beige Pearl are so close to my flesh tone, it's hard to see them in pics :(  Click the image for a close up view.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Albeit slow to start, feelings of love are most asuredly there when it comes to the baked variety of mineral blushes. The courtship has been long, with my first taste being Milani Minerals Blush Luminous.  Being a drugstore brand, this is very affordable.  It is a gorgeos rosey pink with a gold shimmery high sheen.  One thing I have to mention about this blush is that it lasts all day long.  I still have a pinkish, shiny glow after hours and hours of wear.  It is not overly pigmented, and you don't have to use such a careful light hand when applying.

The next mineral blush I fell for is Laura Geller Blush -N- Brighten in Sunswept.  This little package packs a punch of color.  It combines a frosty bright pink with a plummy red, while shot through with bronze veining and copper shimmers.  This blush is very highly pigmented and has a high shimmery sheen.  I find that it is best worn when buffed very well high on the cheek. 

So smitten with Sunswept by Laura Geller, it wasn't long before I  was easily seduced into buying the Baby Cakes Baked Blush Palette by Laura Geller.  This palette includes 4 mini blushes and a retractable blush brush. 
Sugar Free Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Golden Apricot, Sunswept

The colors include:

Sugar Free Raspberry (which is the only one with NO shimmer) 

Pink Grapefruit

Golden Apricot

and Sunswept again, now of which I have backup :)

My newest infatuation is with MAC Mineralize Blush Nuance. 
It is such a pretty peachy-pink color!

So that sums up my collection of mineralize blushes.  I can see room for growth in this collection, as I am lusting after others out there.  I love shimmery blushers, because not only do they bring a bit of whimsy to the mix, but they also add such a yummy, healthy glow.

What are your favorite mineralized blushes? I would love to hear your recommendations on the matter! 
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Friday, February 19, 2010

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's been a little while since I have posted my ins and outs, so here goes!


  • New York Fashion Week!  Yay!  The blogs, the news, the magazines, the twitter updates, it has been a lot of fun to follow.
  • Tights with shorts- I have been seeing more and more of this lately, and I approve!  I know the winter shorts look is debated, but I think when done right, it looks great.
  • Working out to Kim Kardashian Fit In Your Jeans By Friday- squats like there is no tomorrow!  Things are really tightening up! :)

  • Keeping up with the newest American Idol lineup, there seems to be same awesome talent this time around.

  • I have a terrible head cold, complete with congestion, sinus pressure, sneezing, and overall general misery.  :(  and of course this is happening when the weather here has been sunny and 70.  It's like summer, and summer colds are the worst!
  • I still haven't received my NYX Dollar Galore order!!!  (which, by the way I placed over a month ago)    Strike that!  It came in today!  :) 
  • My hair is at that annoying "growing it out" phase.  You know, where it would just look so much more chic if I would get it cut, setting myself back to square one.
  • Losing one of fashion's greats, Alexander McQueen.  A tragic loss felt by so many, he will be missed.

That concludes my current installment of ins and outs.  What are your recent faves and not-so-faves?  If you blogged about this recently, leave me a link the comments!

Thanks for reading, and au revoir!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Pressed Bronzer

Not completely convinced of the necessity of a bronzer (for me), I purchased this new product hesitantly.  When it comes to drugstore bronzers, I always end up with products that leave a muddied, or ever worse, an orange effect, which is not so flattering!

Because I do long for that pretty warmth that bronzers promise to deliver, I went in search of a new and improved bronzer.  The Physicians Formula line has not let me down with other products, and they had a giant pink and orange display of some kind of New Pressed Bronzer boasting "Radiant Bronze Glow" and "Smoothing Finish"

The pretty packaging not only captured my interest, but was plastered with multitudes of very convincing selling points, to include:
  • Healthy Wear
  • SPF 50!!!
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Protects + Prevents + Restores
  • Long Wearing, Perspiration-Resistant, Water-Resistant
  • Wide spectrum of shades: Fair, Light, Medium, and Tan
And the list goes on!  More great things this has to offer:

I know, right?  I purchased it, and have been wearing it for a few weeks, and I have to admit, I really like this!  I got it in Medium, just wanting a subtle warming glow.  Because of the packaging in the store, you can't peak inside the actual compact, and I was fearful of the amount of shimmer, but rest assured, it is minimal.

Some very cool 411 about this fancy bronzer is that it is infused with many kinds of mineral based UVA/UVB protectants, which offers a high powered protection without greasy residue.  It also contains antioxidants to combat sun damage and premature aging.  And if all that wasn't enough,  it contains tomato derivatives and licorice extract which work to brighten the skin and tone-correct sun spots.

So, what are your thoughts on drugstore bronzers?  What kind of experiences have you had with them?  I am a converted believer now, and am open to suggestion to try others out!  Thanks for reading.