Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging about all the fun beauty finds I run across in my life is very exciting and fulfilling, but in another area of my life, I have another obsession.  I am obsessed with my kitty-cats!  I have two:

Maggie and Bandit

This is Maggie:  She is a rescue kitty we got 2 years ago in California, and she is now 5 years old.  She is very wooly, very mellow, and the most well behaved cat I have ever met.  She likes to be near us, but isn't a snuggly kitty.  She has a grumpy look, but is the sweetest thing ever!

caught mid yawn

Maggie the rockstar

This is Bandit:  He is our little Deutchland (German) kitty.  We adopted him in Germany when he was just under a year old.  He is now 6 years old.  He is very active, very naughty, very demanding of attention ALL of the time... He loves to be held, he loves sleeping under the covers, and he is our little love.

Sleepy little fuzzy angel...

My little cinnamon swirly kitty

Hope you enjoyed the break from the usual to see some pics of my favorite furry creatures!

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  1. nihrida said...
    OMG, they are both so cute! I love Bandits fur... he's gorgeous! So is Maggie. Sending kisses to your kitties!
    Anonymous said...
    How cutes are your kitties! So adorable
    Rachel said...
    I've never seen a cat with that swirly fur before! How unique. Love that pink nose. Also love Maggie the rockstar :)

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