Friday, February 5, 2010

I haven't gone crazy on the hauling, but I have picked up a few items here and there lately.  Here are my new additions and some swatches.

First, I was excited to try the new Maybeline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in Very Black.  This promises to not only bring the length, but the volume as well.  With the cleverly, and subtly curved applicator, I found that it was a bit more volumizing than the original Stiletto version. 

Here is my naked eye, void of all makeup.  You will be able to see just why I value a mascara boasting to both lengthen and volumize! 

Here is my eye after a couple coats of the Lash Stiletto Voluptuous:

I found that the mascara formula was very buildable without becoming too chunky or clumping my lashes together.

Another set of treasures I found at a small boutique.  There was a small display of NYX pencils.  I picked one eye pencil in 917 Purple, and two lipliner pencils in Sweet Bean and Latte. 

I found 2 Hard Candy products to try. 

The first is this Lip Tatoo- a lip stain and breath freshening gloss.  The color is Posy.  The stain is a pale, frosty pink with silvery, pink, coral, and green sparkles. The stain is applied with a doe foot applicator and dries into a pretty pale shimmery finish.  The gloss is clear and smells minty, and is applied with a brush.  I found that the stain stays put once dry, but definately loses intensity and color when the gloss is applied. 

The 2nd Hard Candy product I purchased is Lash Tinsel glitter mascara in Voodoo.  It is a gorgeous bright purple.  The brush is dissapointingly long and skinny.  That can be forgiven for a novelty glitter mascara.  Unfortunately, when applied, little to no color or glitter is deposited onto my lashes.  The mascara formula seems too wet and runny, so I am going to leave it open for a while to see if it thickens up. I may be able to use this as a liquid eyeliner.  So far, this one is a disappointing fail. :(

I will definately report back if I am able to get this product to work any better!

This is what it looks like:
Have you tried any of these?  What are your thoughts?  I love to read your comments!  ♥


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