Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Nail Combo

When MAC released their Style Black collection last fall, I fell in love with Baby Goth Girl.  Only in the bottle though... let me explain.  It is a deep black color with pink sparkles.  The combination gives an overall appearance of a shimmery purple color.  Unfortunately, on the nails it looks just looks purpley-black, no sparkle. At some angles in very bright lighting, you can see some sparkles, but the black polish is so opaque, that it subdues the glittery effect.  The quality of this polish is the only redeeming part.  This is one coat:

Soooo... Inspired by other bloggers that layer on the glitz, I decided to add a layer of pink glittery sparkles!  Now it will be more like the color I wished it would be!  The pink sparkles are Wet n Wild Wild Shine (435GP).

And what you endup with is this:

Yay!  So rockstar chic! 

What are your favorite polish combos?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am a sucker for accessories.  However, I am on a shopping restriction right now, since I am gearing up to pay this semesters tuition, books, and blah blah blah.... so I have been "window" shopping.  I have compiled a wishlist, which has been time consuming and satisfying, even though actual purchases weren't made.  I should 'virtualy' shop more often!

So, here goes...
5.  Crystal Pink Steampunk Butterfly Necklace- from Etsy seller LondonParticulars.  I love things that have rough and tough elements, yet remain distinctly feminine.  Gorgeous.

4.  Forever 21 studded booties- these are another element of that bad-ass, yet feminine look that I adore.  The matte leather mixed with the shiny gold studs lends a fascinating juxtaposition of texture.  So rockstar, so chic.  Yummy.  Want these!!!

3. Deep Gem Metal Cuff from Pink Ice- I love red, yet I have so few items with red in my wardrobe.  Because red can go so wrong so fast, I want to infuse red slowly, and delicately, beginning with accessories.  This is a fantastic way to start.  And plus I LOVE big chunky costume jewelry.

2.  OPI Nail Polish Alice In Wonderland in Mad As A Hatter - I have been considering this one since it came out.  It has such layers of fabulous fun glitter. This one is an eventual must have item. 

1.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace - such a divine fragrance.  This whimsical limited edtion accessory can be found at Sephora.  It is delightful, pretty, and petite. 

I am sure the list could continue on and on. I will save those items for a future wishlist.  Thanks for reading!  What are some of your wishlisted items these days?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I alternate days of no makeup at all with days of a fully painted on face. I enjoy makeup on a wide spectrum like that. On a minimal day, I will use concealor, mascara, and chapstick. Other days, it is like building a ship. The time, effort, and supplies used would intimidate the amateur... muwahahaha... Just kidding. But I thought I would outline my current steps to achieve that flawless complexion upon which to build the real art- the eyes- providing endless topics for other postings. Keep in mind that I have oily/ combination skin, so my routine may not be appropriate for other skin types.

Without further ado...

Step 1) Always begin with a freshly cleansed and toned face

Step 2) Moisturize. For me, it includes Oil Control!! I use Boots Expert Shine Control Lotion. I have found this in Target and at

Step 3) I use a primer, *gasp* on top of the moisturizer. I know, I know... some say the moisturizer acts as a primer, but with my battle against the dreaded shiny face, I like the supportive role that this little treasure provides. I use MAC Matte Creme Matifiante Face. This has a very interesting consistency, it is a gel, so it is easy to control, and spreads onto the face easily, and has a silky smooth finish. I concentrate this product on my t-zone.
Step 4) Using my dampened Beauty Blender, I apply Revlon PhotoReady... my new favorite foundation. It does have a "glow" property to it, which literally makes it photo friendly, but because of all the oil control and mattifying products I use, the dewy effect is kept at a manageable level. If I desire a truly matte appearance, I use Revlon Colorstay instead.
Step 5) I live in a more humid climate, so I like to set everything with a powder. I find that when I am visiting dryer climates, this step can be skipped. I'm currently loving Benefit "Hello Flawless!"

And it is upon this foundation that I build up the dramatics with bronzer, blush, and sometimes a highlight. I find that if I can keep my natural shine under control, I can successfully pull off other products with shimmer. If I skip steps to suppress my t-zone shine, then I successfully look ridiculous! My search for this balance took me a lot of trial and error. It is always my goal to look young, flawless and natural, not "made-up". As most of us know, it is a tricky tango to do this!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

When it comes to my "beauty supplies" and organization of such... let's just say there is no shortage of supply, but always room for improvement in the organization department. Here is my vanity setup. I like to have a place for each thing, and then have each thing in it's place, but I also like to keep an eye on things. When my stuff is out in the open, I use it more often and don't forget about it. Although I like the way things look if they are neatly hidden away in storage containers, that system just doesn't seem to work well for me.

Click on any of the following pictures for a larger, more detailed view.

In the shelf spaces, these 3 drawer Sterilite containers fit perfectly. I purchased mine at Target. I will briefly describe the system of organization I use.

On the left side, the first drawer contains foundations, primers, and concealers. The next drawer holds setting powders, pressed and loose, and kabuki brushes. The last drawer in this section holds blushers, including palettes, single powders, cream blushes, and stick form.

On to the next set! The first drawer contains highlights and bronzers. The next drawer holds various palette sets. The last drawer holds miscellaneous items, tools, packaging, and any other in-transit item that has not been assigned a more permanent home. This drawer will also often hold duplicate or extra items, and unopened new stuff that I haven't dug into yet.

The first set of drawers on the right side is by far my favorite, most treasured collection of makeup items. The first drawer contains eye primers, eye shadow bases, paint pots, smudge pots, gel liners, eye lash glue... all eye prepping and finishing goodies. The next drawer contains the single eye shadow pots in the more neutral colors. The last drawer contains single eye shadow pots in the more colorful shadows. I long to depot and relocate all these singles into palettes, but have avoided the investment in said palettes. So until then, the drawers will have to do.

By the way, if you haven't checked out the awesomeness of the Z-palettes, definitely go and check them out. These are definitely on my want list!

For the final set of drawers. The first contains my mineral eye shadow pots, some false lashes, and other powdery or glittery shadows. The middle drawer here holds eye shadow palettes, in various shapes and sizes. The last drawer holds all my fabulous lipsticks!

On the surface of the vanity, I have small boxes that contain
different tools, moisturizers, lip glosses, lip pencils, and hair clips.

Next to that are cups containing my most reached for eye liners, and my NYX jumbo pencils.

Next is a 3 well container by E.L.F. and it holds eye brushes and mascara. Lined up in front of that are my most worn lipsticks, that I always reach for. I just leave them out of the big lipstick drawer to keep them handy. FYI, the colors include MAC Eden Rocks, MAC Myth, MAC Pretty Please, MAC Tanorama, UD Naked, UD Midnight Cowboy, NYX Mute, Wet n Wild color like Tanoramo (no name?) and Victoria's Secret Femme. Next to all that is an office/ pencil organizer from Target, holding my brushes.

Next to the brushes is my new beloved Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows palette. Then a small desk organizer with a hinged top container and 2 drawers. I keep cotton balls, q-tips, and wedges in the top, eye liners in the next drawer, and some liquid liners and mascaras in the last drawer.

Next to my vanity is a glass and chrome shelf tower, where I keep accessories. The top shelf holds some glass dishes holding my earrings, and a silver dish which holds my cocktail and acrylic rings. There are a few other pretties, including perfumes. I also drape some necklaces on the poles.

The next shelf holds my jewelry box, and a mesh tray that contains my bangles, bracelets and watches. The small red box contains some small perfume sample vials.

Next is a shelf that holds a very small set of drawers (yes, another one!), holding overflow eye makeup. This is the theatrical or costume makeup, not the everyday stuff. Next to that is a file holder which neatly holds my Coastal Scents palettes, of which I have the 88 Palette, the 88 Shimmer Palette, and the 28 Neutral Palette.

These areas can be seen in the top picture:
The shelf under that contains some body sprays, a Winnie The Pooh music box, my grandmother's silver handled, monogrammed hair brush, and extra contact solution.
The final shelf holds my hot rollers, and next to that is a basket containing my blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, brushes, and combs.

I store my nail polish and supplies in the hall closet, and keep things sorted in boxes.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And that is how I have things set up. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Questions or comments? Let me know! Also, please share your organization tips and tricks or share links to your vanity or organizational blog posts!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


1) Short square fingernails, painted dark colors. I am loving this look right now! Not only that, but they are so easy to take care of when kept so short, and quick to paint :) ! Of course it was the unpleasant ripping off a nail at the quick that made me rediscover this style.

2) ChinaGlaze Ridge Filler! Speaking of nails and manicures... this new (to me) base coat is very effective at providing a great smooth surface to paint. Not only that, I have learned to depend on good base coats since I mostly use such dark colors, and I would like to avoid dreaded stains on my nails. This base coat also delivers a beautiful matte natural look for those days when a pretty nude nail is desired. I think this nail treatment will become a regular in my home mani-pedi nail polish wardrobe!

3) Revlon PhotoReady foundation (I use color 003 Shell). I have heard this foundation being compared to that of Nars Sheer Glow! Wow, if you can get away with a $12 foundation pulling off what a $42 foundation does, than have you found a deal or what? I have also heard that it is too "sparkly", but I have not found that it gives me any kind of glittery or disco ball look. The sparkles in it are so finely milled and subtle, they are not seen unless you use a magnified mirror.

* * * * * *

1) Ordering shoes online that arrive and don't fit properly! Grrrrrr!!! Now I have to wait even longer, sending them back and getting a different size. It's the sad, sad sob story of a half size shoe wearer trying to order from only whole sizes! :(

2) Boots Expert Shine Control Instant Matte- this watery serum type arrangement was awful! I hadn't expected such a FAIL because I do like other items in the Expert Shine Control skincare lineup. This is only .5 oz, so you start with a minuscule amount, and then you shake it up because the "powder" settles at the bottom of the solution, then you apply it a drop at a time. It oozes out of the bottle awkwardly and messily- and this is both inconvenient and annoying. Then after that struggle, the product did not deliver at all a matte effect to my shiny face. So... Totally OUT! (By the way- I do love their Shine Control Moisture Cream)

3) Jumpsuits- even if I had a lapse of judgement long enough to purchase one of these one-piece tragedies, how inconvenient would it be to go to the bathroom? Especially if there were any assortment of layers going on! I shudder when I think of it...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

That is what is In and Out Right Now. What are your thoughts? Anything in particular that is so right now for you? Or so not? I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment or a link to your own blog below. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

When I think of Wet n Wild, I get nostalgic for my teen years when this was my go to drugstore cosmetic, so colorful and so affordable. Well, I have been hearing and reading chatter about a 2010 Wet n Wild overhaul. I was excited to see new eye shadow palettes at the local Rite Aid, and so I grabbed one, Lust. Each palette includes 3 matte shades and 3 "highly-pigmented effect shades." The pigmentation was so impressive that I returned to grab up the others, but was only able to get Greed and Pride. At 75% complete, I am now on the hunt for the final addition to my collection, Vanity. How fitting. The back label has a little diagram depicting areas of the lid that are often mentioned in makeup application instruction. Handy for the newbie. The shadows have a velvety, smooth consistancy and the colors are blend-able with great, intense and true color payoff, they are long wearing and didn't crease (I did use an eye shadow primer, as I always do). Priced at $4.99- I think these are well worth it and would give this new product 2 thumbs up!

Anyway... here are some swatches of the 3 palettes I did get:




Vanity- watch out, I am coming for you! In addition to these shadow quads, there are eye shadow singles and trios coming. There are also some new lipsticks, nail polishes, and mascaras. Have you tried any of the new Wet n Wild products? What do you think of them? What drugstores did you find the best selection in?

Thanks for reading! ♥

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of all the current China Glaze collections available, this is the one that kept catching my attention. It is the Retro Diva Collection in Get Down Tonight.

So let's "Get Down Tonight" with photos and swatches...

(*my favorite of the box- it is a metallic gray with a lavender undertone)

Short & Sassy
(a deep metallic wine with burgandy shimmer)

Let's Groove

(a dark purple with blue and pink sparkles)


(a dark plum metallic)

Skate Night

(a raspberry metallic)

Far Out

(a copper metallic with rose undertones)

I love this collection because it has a diverse selection of pretty, shiny, bright colors with deep intensity.

The Retro Diva is a 2 part series, and it's counterpart is called Let's Cruise, which is more orange and red influenced. Click here to find out more!

Something awesome to keep in mind about all China Glaze polishes: They are free of DBP/ Toluene and added Fermaldehyde!

Monday, January 11, 2010

It is official, on January 15, so get prepared!!! Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows will be available, finally! Also, you can visit KandeeJohnson's YouTube channel here, she gives a fabulous sneak peek at the actual palette!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 16, 2010- This giveaway is now closed! The winner was "Heather". Check back for more free giveaways soon!

I will periodically have a free giveaway on my blog, and this time it is a full size "that gal" brightening face primer from Benefit!!

That Gal is a product that makes a dull complexion perk up a bit! Smooth this primer on a bare face for a little illuminating radiance, or use throughout the day for a refreshing pick-me-up! Apply it under makeup for a smoother application. One shade for all skin tones! Ingrediants: contains soothing raspberry and chamomile, combined with sweet almond and algae extracts to help skin retain its natural moisture, for a soft and silky finish.

Rules for the giveaway:

1. Follow my blog (sign in with google friend in the sidebar)

2. Leave a comment on this post and

describe your favorite "pick-me-up"

3. Open internationally!

4. Contest is open unitl Jan 15

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