Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I alternate days of no makeup at all with days of a fully painted on face. I enjoy makeup on a wide spectrum like that. On a minimal day, I will use concealor, mascara, and chapstick. Other days, it is like building a ship. The time, effort, and supplies used would intimidate the amateur... muwahahaha... Just kidding. But I thought I would outline my current steps to achieve that flawless complexion upon which to build the real art- the eyes- providing endless topics for other postings. Keep in mind that I have oily/ combination skin, so my routine may not be appropriate for other skin types.

Without further ado...

Step 1) Always begin with a freshly cleansed and toned face

Step 2) Moisturize. For me, it includes Oil Control!! I use Boots Expert Shine Control Lotion. I have found this in Target and at

Step 3) I use a primer, *gasp* on top of the moisturizer. I know, I know... some say the moisturizer acts as a primer, but with my battle against the dreaded shiny face, I like the supportive role that this little treasure provides. I use MAC Matte Creme Matifiante Face. This has a very interesting consistency, it is a gel, so it is easy to control, and spreads onto the face easily, and has a silky smooth finish. I concentrate this product on my t-zone.
Step 4) Using my dampened Beauty Blender, I apply Revlon PhotoReady... my new favorite foundation. It does have a "glow" property to it, which literally makes it photo friendly, but because of all the oil control and mattifying products I use, the dewy effect is kept at a manageable level. If I desire a truly matte appearance, I use Revlon Colorstay instead.
Step 5) I live in a more humid climate, so I like to set everything with a powder. I find that when I am visiting dryer climates, this step can be skipped. I'm currently loving Benefit "Hello Flawless!"

And it is upon this foundation that I build up the dramatics with bronzer, blush, and sometimes a highlight. I find that if I can keep my natural shine under control, I can successfully pull off other products with shimmer. If I skip steps to suppress my t-zone shine, then I successfully look ridiculous! My search for this balance took me a lot of trial and error. It is always my goal to look young, flawless and natural, not "made-up". As most of us know, it is a tricky tango to do this!

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  1. nihrida said...
    Nice to see what products you use for that flawless look. I'd die if I had to use all those products. =) I only use face creme and pressed powder for mattifying oily areas.

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