Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Vanity Organization

When it comes to my "beauty supplies" and organization of such... let's just say there is no shortage of supply, but always room for improvement in the organization department. Here is my vanity setup. I like to have a place for each thing, and then have each thing in it's place, but I also like to keep an eye on things. When my stuff is out in the open, I use it more often and don't forget about it. Although I like the way things look if they are neatly hidden away in storage containers, that system just doesn't seem to work well for me.

Click on any of the following pictures for a larger, more detailed view.

In the shelf spaces, these 3 drawer Sterilite containers fit perfectly. I purchased mine at Target. I will briefly describe the system of organization I use.

On the left side, the first drawer contains foundations, primers, and concealers. The next drawer holds setting powders, pressed and loose, and kabuki brushes. The last drawer in this section holds blushers, including palettes, single powders, cream blushes, and stick form.

On to the next set! The first drawer contains highlights and bronzers. The next drawer holds various palette sets. The last drawer holds miscellaneous items, tools, packaging, and any other in-transit item that has not been assigned a more permanent home. This drawer will also often hold duplicate or extra items, and unopened new stuff that I haven't dug into yet.

The first set of drawers on the right side is by far my favorite, most treasured collection of makeup items. The first drawer contains eye primers, eye shadow bases, paint pots, smudge pots, gel liners, eye lash glue... all eye prepping and finishing goodies. The next drawer contains the single eye shadow pots in the more neutral colors. The last drawer contains single eye shadow pots in the more colorful shadows. I long to depot and relocate all these singles into palettes, but have avoided the investment in said palettes. So until then, the drawers will have to do.

By the way, if you haven't checked out the awesomeness of the Z-palettes, definitely go and check them out. These are definitely on my want list!

For the final set of drawers. The first contains my mineral eye shadow pots, some false lashes, and other powdery or glittery shadows. The middle drawer here holds eye shadow palettes, in various shapes and sizes. The last drawer holds all my fabulous lipsticks!

On the surface of the vanity, I have small boxes that contain
different tools, moisturizers, lip glosses, lip pencils, and hair clips.

Next to that are cups containing my most reached for eye liners, and my NYX jumbo pencils.

Next is a 3 well container by E.L.F. and it holds eye brushes and mascara. Lined up in front of that are my most worn lipsticks, that I always reach for. I just leave them out of the big lipstick drawer to keep them handy. FYI, the colors include MAC Eden Rocks, MAC Myth, MAC Pretty Please, MAC Tanorama, UD Naked, UD Midnight Cowboy, NYX Mute, Wet n Wild color like Tanoramo (no name?) and Victoria's Secret Femme. Next to all that is an office/ pencil organizer from Target, holding my brushes.

Next to the brushes is my new beloved Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows palette. Then a small desk organizer with a hinged top container and 2 drawers. I keep cotton balls, q-tips, and wedges in the top, eye liners in the next drawer, and some liquid liners and mascaras in the last drawer.

Next to my vanity is a glass and chrome shelf tower, where I keep accessories. The top shelf holds some glass dishes holding my earrings, and a silver dish which holds my cocktail and acrylic rings. There are a few other pretties, including perfumes. I also drape some necklaces on the poles.

The next shelf holds my jewelry box, and a mesh tray that contains my bangles, bracelets and watches. The small red box contains some small perfume sample vials.

Next is a shelf that holds a very small set of drawers (yes, another one!), holding overflow eye makeup. This is the theatrical or costume makeup, not the everyday stuff. Next to that is a file holder which neatly holds my Coastal Scents palettes, of which I have the 88 Palette, the 88 Shimmer Palette, and the 28 Neutral Palette.

These areas can be seen in the top picture:
The shelf under that contains some body sprays, a Winnie The Pooh music box, my grandmother's silver handled, monogrammed hair brush, and extra contact solution.
The final shelf holds my hot rollers, and next to that is a basket containing my blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, brushes, and combs.

I store my nail polish and supplies in the hall closet, and keep things sorted in boxes.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And that is how I have things set up. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Questions or comments? Let me know! Also, please share your organization tips and tricks or share links to your vanity or organizational blog posts!


  1. Hannah Banana said...
    Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll have to do another version of mine at some point being more clear with where I store things and what things I need at my easy reach... It's a hard one tho aye - I'm like you. I use something WAY more often if I see it. Yet I like a minimalistic look to my room. I compromised by having alllll my jewellery on display but only have the makeup out/face products that I deem used often enough to warrant it. Dupes, doubleups etc get put away for when I run out and need to replace it. In the picture you have of your nail polish, is your nail polish remover one of those ones you can simply pump directly onto a cotton ball without opening the lid??? If yes, WHERE can I find that? or what is the brand called? I'm in New Zealand so will no doubt have to order off ebay, but golly I'd appreciate that. I get sick of having to replace my cap all the time.
    nihrida said...
    Oh my. How well organized!
    Anonymous said...
    Wow you have so much stuff!
    Karen said...
    @Hanna Banana You can get the nail polish remover pump dispenser from an ebay seller called 'seatlescents' for $6.95 and they ship worldwide.
    Cutex also makes one that comes with the product in it. Try doing a search for "Cutex one touch dispenser..." on NZ drugstore sites?? I hope this helps.

    @nihrida- thanks Doll! ♥

    @AllThingsShallow- yes, I have a severe addiction... *hangs head in shame*... :)

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