Monday, February 8, 2010

I have decided to do a series of posts based on my favorite items grouped by color!  This first is going to be on Pink.  I adore pink from the frosty, pale pink all the way to a bold, hot pink.  I like pink makeup, pink jewelry, and will often just be drawn to any kind of shiny pink display at the store.

YSL Elle
MAC Warm Me Up Lipstick
Benefit Lust Duster gogo girl
MAC Tippy Blush
Eiffel Tower earrings
Urban Decay SWF Eyeshadow
NYC Chiffon Lipstick
NYX Jumbo Pencil Hot Pink
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Powder Brighten
La Femme Stormy Rose Blush
MAC Pretty Please Lipstick

YSL Elle is a warm blend of floral and woody notes, including peony, pink berries and patchouli.  It is by far my favorite scent to wear, and I find I reach for it most often.  The little earrings are from Icing, and were inexpensive, and are some of my faves because they are PINK EIFELLS!!  Love them...


Nothing is prettier than a fresh, pink flushed face, and my go-to pink face products include MAC Tippy from the Hello Kitty collection.  Because it's discontinued and hard to find, I am including a gorgeous LaFemme pink blush, called Stormy Rose, and it has similar intensity to that of Tippy.  You can purchase it here for only $3.50!  A very pretty Revlon ColorStay baked mineral finishing powder in Brighten is a soft and delicate way to add a little shimmery highlight to your look. 


It took me a while to appreciate pink eye colors, but I have found that a hot pink liner on the bottom lash is a fun splash of color with a neutral lid.  The NYX Jumbo Pencil in hot pink works great for this.  It can also be used as a great eyeshadow base, for a very bright look.

Pink eyeshadows are not without thier charm!  They add a pretty sparkle, and I've picked two very pretty pale pink shadows that I love for a soft, romantic look.  Because they are pretty, shimmery pinks, they can be used on the cheekbone or dusted on the shoulders for a brilliant highlight.  The Urban Decay SWF is a pink shadow with silver microglitter.  On the eyes, it can be dusted on dry for a pale pink sparkle, or wet for a metallic sheen.  The Benefit Lust Duster Gogo Girl  is a more rose colored pink, has a shimmery finish, and can also play dual roles of highlighter/shadow.

And this concludes my best of pink compilation!  What are your favorite pink products?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Like this idea of posts! I'm attracted to pink things too, it's all so pretty. I really like the look of the Revlon baked mineral powder. Looks slightly like a MAC MSF, never seen the Revlon ones in the UK though :(
    Hannah Banana said...
    Great idea! I find I'm drawn to anything pink - I dunno, but everything brought out in a pink colour screams 'buy me!' (for the most part)

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