Sunday, February 28, 2010

Givenchy Rose Taboo

I have overlooked this gloss in my collection for a while, but out of the blue I reached for it the other day.  I really liked the formula, the slight shimmer, and the color was very pretty.  I am not one to do bright vivid colors on the lips, and so it fit right into my comfort/preference zone.

It is: Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect in the color 04 Rose Taboo.

The most impressive thing about this gloss is that it the color was still on my lips after about 2 hours of wear, and they still appeared full.  I did not eat or drink in the duration of that time, so that will most likely change the outcome.  I purchased mine at Sephora and I am now considering the color 02 Impertinent Nude.

Thanks for reading!!  ♥


  1. Anonymous said...
    Pretty nude gloss, love the name too 'Rose Taboo'
    Rachel said...
    It's lovely & I've recently become a fan of Givenchy
    Karen said...
    @Kelly- I agree! It is such a pretty nude color! And the name is devilish- isn't it?
    @Rachel- I enjoyed your recent Givenchy blog post! I am becoming more interested in their products, I just find them a bit on the pricey side :( But I love the quality!

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