Monday, February 15, 2010

When it comes to an eye makeup remover, I have found that the Neutrogena Oil-Free version is my favorite.  I do often wear a good amount of eye makeup, to include mascara, liner, primer, shadows, and sometimes glitter.  To use this product, you shake it up, since it is a dual-phase product that separates.  I saturate a cotton ball, and place it on my eye, holding it there while it starts to lift the eye makeup off.  It works so effortlessly, that there is no pulling, tugging, or scrubbing to get all the traces of the makeup off.  It does not cause any sort of burning sensation (others I have tried did) and it does not leave a greasy feeling behind (which I have experienced with others, also).  Sometimes, with gel liners, they are pretty stubborn to remove from the delicate lash line. For this, I use a q-tip dipped into the remover solution to gently remove the persistent liner residue. 

This bottle has 3.8 fl oz, and lasts me about six weeks.  That is with daily use, sometimes multiple times per day. 

I also recently tried the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads.  I do like these, but I find the pad itself doesn't have enough product for me to remove all traces of my makeup.  If you only want one or the other of these on hand, not both, then these are clearly more ideal for those that wear a light load of makeup.

Because they are sturdy and thick plush pads, I tend to reach for these when I am wearing an extra amount of eye makeup, and I then put extra remover product on it from the bottle.  They do seam to go farther in use than a cotton ball.  The tub comes with 30 pads, and is air tight, keeping the pads moist. 

I hope this helps if you were looking for an oil-free remover to try!  I really like this product and plan to re-purchase it again when I start to run low. Thanks so much for reading!  ♥


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