Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NYX Haulage!! Part II

Part II:  The rest of the story...

NYX Chrome Eye Shadow

NYX Eye Shadow
Normally, eyeshadow is an area where I go CRAZY, but because I already have so many of the NYX single shadows, I toned it down a bit in this order. o_O

Pk 1: 24 Wedges  Pk 2:  Misc Mixture

NYX Blush Brush

And that's wrap!  I have high expectations for each and every product, as NYX has always delivered great results before.  NYX Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup product lines, and they are sold at drugstore prices.  You can purchase NYX in Ulta stores, or a number of places online.

Thanks!  What is your fave NYX product? 


  1. Rachel said...
    I don't own any NYX yet. Ooo Space & Keylime are nice :)
    Rachel said...
    Red is pretty clutch toooo :)

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