Sunday, February 21, 2010

Albeit slow to start, feelings of love are most asuredly there when it comes to the baked variety of mineral blushes. The courtship has been long, with my first taste being Milani Minerals Blush Luminous.  Being a drugstore brand, this is very affordable.  It is a gorgeos rosey pink with a gold shimmery high sheen.  One thing I have to mention about this blush is that it lasts all day long.  I still have a pinkish, shiny glow after hours and hours of wear.  It is not overly pigmented, and you don't have to use such a careful light hand when applying.

The next mineral blush I fell for is Laura Geller Blush -N- Brighten in Sunswept.  This little package packs a punch of color.  It combines a frosty bright pink with a plummy red, while shot through with bronze veining and copper shimmers.  This blush is very highly pigmented and has a high shimmery sheen.  I find that it is best worn when buffed very well high on the cheek. 

So smitten with Sunswept by Laura Geller, it wasn't long before I  was easily seduced into buying the Baby Cakes Baked Blush Palette by Laura Geller.  This palette includes 4 mini blushes and a retractable blush brush. 
Sugar Free Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Golden Apricot, Sunswept

The colors include:

Sugar Free Raspberry (which is the only one with NO shimmer) 

Pink Grapefruit

Golden Apricot

and Sunswept again, now of which I have backup :)

My newest infatuation is with MAC Mineralize Blush Nuance. 
It is such a pretty peachy-pink color!

So that sums up my collection of mineralize blushes.  I can see room for growth in this collection, as I am lusting after others out there.  I love shimmery blushers, because not only do they bring a bit of whimsy to the mix, but they also add such a yummy, healthy glow.

What are your favorite mineralized blushes? I would love to hear your recommendations on the matter! 
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  1. Pixie said...
    I love baked blushes! I like the Laura Geller ones as well. The MAC ones don't last on my face.

    Asian brands often do absolutely gorgeous baked blushes. Check out Laneige, Clio, Missha, The Face Shop and Banilla Co.

    I also really like Pupa's baked blush.
    Karen said...
    @Pixie ~ Thanks so much! I haven't heard of many of the ones you've mentioned. It'll be a lot of fun to look them up and try new stuff. :) ♥

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