Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Nail Combo

When MAC released their Style Black collection last fall, I fell in love with Baby Goth Girl.  Only in the bottle though... let me explain.  It is a deep black color with pink sparkles.  The combination gives an overall appearance of a shimmery purple color.  Unfortunately, on the nails it looks just looks purpley-black, no sparkle. At some angles in very bright lighting, you can see some sparkles, but the black polish is so opaque, that it subdues the glittery effect.  The quality of this polish is the only redeeming part.  This is one coat:

Soooo... Inspired by other bloggers that layer on the glitz, I decided to add a layer of pink glittery sparkles!  Now it will be more like the color I wished it would be!  The pink sparkles are Wet n Wild Wild Shine (435GP).

And what you endup with is this:

Yay!  So rockstar chic! 

What are your favorite polish combos?


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