Monday, January 4, 2010

I love, love, love the concept of dry shampoo. There are multiple benefits to not washing your hair in the shower every day. Besides stripping your lovely locks of natural oils and nutrients, color treated hair often fades faster than we'd like. And another thing, cutting down on wet, freshly washed hair = cutting down on heat drying and styling = less damage! But, how can we face the world with oily, limp, less than beautiful hair? It's simple and brilliant, Dry Shampoo! I tried a few different kinds a few years ago, and was less than impressed. Since then, I have hesitantly revisited the idea, and I found some fantastic products are now available. I am including a review on my top 3.

Product application for all 3: I use it liberally at my crown, my part, and my hair line framing my face. Massage the product thoroughly, and this is when I notice my limp hair really picks up and has a lot of volume and texture. To get rid of the rest of the white residue, I brush my hair, from roots to end. If you have hair that does not react kindly to being brushed, just allow a little extra time for the white color to fade. It doesn't take too long. Or try the 3rd one mentioned below...

Rocoholic Dirty Secret: This deposits a thick coating of powder when sprayed at the roots. It has a light pleasant smell that dissipates quickly. This formula will absorb both oils and odors from hair- and claims to be "funktabulous" so you can rock out for one more night. After use, my hair is soft and manageable. This is by far my favorite one, but also the most expensive. I can't find it anywhere in stores around here, so I have to order it online. The best deals I have found so far where from private sellers on Amazon. It can also be found at,, and

Batiste: This is my introduction product to the aerosol dry shampoo, and it is also a very opaque white powdery substance. I adore this in the Tropical scent. It also comes in it's "Original" scent, as well as Blush (a floral) and some others that I haven't tried. So far, I only like the Tropical version. With this product, the smell lingers in the hair all day, and I don't care for and really can't tolerate the smell of the the others. This product is for sale in most Sally Beauty Supply stores, as well as Ebay and Amazon. It is less expensive than the Rocoholic dry shampoo.

Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo- This product is available for differing shades of hair: blonde, brunette, black, and silver. I purchased mine from for $7.99. Salon Grafix is especially handy, because it doesn't leave white powder. It also has a pleasant smell, like a light hairspray or something. When you do wet wash your hair after using this product, your regular shampoo lather will turn a different color, as the temporary color washes out. I use the brunette version, and it lathers into a reddish-brown color, but rinses away with no effort and leaves no color residue behind in the shower or sink.

Smell is obviously a selling point with me, because if a hair product has any kind of weird, nauseatingly sweet, or any kind of unidentifiable smell, I tend to not like having it in my hair. There is nothing worse than getting the occasional whiff of an unappealing smell throughout the day, knowing it is your own hair! Ew! So, yes, with hair products, it must pass a very critical smell test...

I hope this is helpful, as there are many of these powder spray dry shampoos out there! This seems to be a love/hate kind of hair product. What have some of your experiences been with dry shampoo?

A demo on using dry shampoo:


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