Friday, January 1, 2010

As this new year rushes in, we all sit back and contemplate what changes to attempt. I am no exception, I always consider changes, but rarely do I put them to the test on New Year's Day. So, this brings me to my list for 2010:

1) Create a list of resolutions and seriously attempt to stick to them this time around.

2) Save more money, as buying a new car and possibly a house (woooot!) are realities in my near future :)

3) While saving money, be a more responsible consumer, buying what I need, and using up the things I already bought! And there is no other area in my life I need to do this more than in my collection of beauty products and cosmetics.

4) Pursue my inclination to post some more YouTube videos, and have fun doing it!

5) Keep up my blog, as things got off to a pretty good start.

6) Stop indulging in "sleeping in" and save it for special occasions. Instead, I hope to rise earlier and walk or run more. I live blocks from the beach and should not take it for granted!

I hope you are all inspired to make and stick to resolutions in this new year. What are yours? Please leave them in the comments or a link to your blog! Thanks for reading.


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