Thursday, December 31, 2009

EyesLipsFace Eye Shadow

I was inspired to try a couple new looks because I received a generous treasure trove of ELF products from my sister for Christmas. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised when I put two of their Brightening Eye Color eye shadow quads to the test. The pigmentation proved to be true. With a good primer as a base, the colors were long lasting with no creasing. I will definitely continue trying other ELF products, and I will be posting the results!

Ivy ~
This quad includes a pastel lime green, a deep ivy green, a deep gold, and a rusty bronze. All four colors have a shimmer.

Blue Moon ~
This quad includes a butter cream color, a velvety taupe, a pale baby blue, and a gray-blue. All four colors are shimmery.

Both quads have wearable colors that work together nicely to complete dimensional and defined looks. I still have 4 more quads to try out, but these 2 were standouts to me, and I can tell they will be favorites. Since I tend to purchase mainly neutrals, the splash of color is a fun way to try new looks!

Thanks for reading, and Happy 2010!!!


  1. said...
    I like both them looks, may have to purchase! i can never seem to get the fancy eyes right i end up looking like i been punched and got bruised eyes haha..thanks for following, i returned the favour because your blog is fab!

    Bye For Now, xx
    Habitué Confessions said... Thanks so much for reading and following! The eyeshadow part I am getting down, it is just the photographing on my part doesn't do justice to the colors. :D

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