Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I got my hands on this fabulous set of Benefit's Celebutante, and couldn't wait to start playing with all the products. It is basically a deluxe sample type affair, I got mine for $34. Since Benefit is so pricey, I have been holding out on getting many of their items. The few products I did splurge on were awesome, so I knew this would be worth it. Check out the swatches I did for each item.

The first lipstick is Lady's Choice, which is one of their best sellers, it is a light mauve. The second is No Competition, it is a berry wine color. They are both very creamy with rich pigmentation. The lip gloss is I'm With The Band, and is coral with gold sparkles. It has a doe foot applicator, is thick and creamy, not sticky, and smells like apples. Love them all!!! ♥

These swatches are the two eye shadows included: Dandy Brandy and Leggy. They are both velvet eye shadows. This swatch is done with no primer or flash.

For the next swatch, I did it on top of primer, the F.Y...eye, from Benefit. This product is NOT in the kit itself, but I thought I'd show you what it looks like. I like it just as much, if not more, than UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I really like the pot packaging, since I like to apply my primer to myself with my ring finger.

So, this is the same eyeshadow, but on the primer. The photo is done without a flash, but it is such a shiny, almost metallic formulation that it picked up and reflected my vanity lights. All in all, the two colors work nicely together, I have worn the Leggy as an all over lid wash with Dandy Brandy in the crease. Also, I have used Leggy as a highlighter. Great neutrals, and they will both work well with many other colors in your collection. They blend beautifully, and are both high quality pigmentation. I expected nothing less from Benefit eyeshadow.

On to the pressed powder! It is Dallas, which is definitely a favorite from their line. It is rosy mauve, with the faintest shimmer. The shimmer is barely detectable once on and blended, but is present, so must be mentioned. This color can be used as a contouring bronzer, or a blush. The brush , well, the brush...

The brush is so tiny! Silly tiny, just one step above the drugstore blush brushes. But, with such a quality and cute brush, I asked myself, what can I use this for? I don't prefer to use these tiny, thin brushes, when there are such lovely, fluffy brushes available for the face. So, I decided it was the perfect size to use when applying a touch of highlighter to my cupids bow.

This is a swatch of Dallas, it is a deep color on my fair skin, almost a raisin color. It really adds warmth to my complexion, especially in these winter months.

Next, I want to talk about the "Jelly Donut". The associate at the makeup counter shared this fun technique with me! This is done with the High Beam (a luminizer) and Benetint(a lip and cheek stain). Start with drawing a circle, the size of a nickel, where you want to wear your blush. Then apply a small amount of the Benetint stain to the center of the donut. Using your fingertips, gently tap the mixture, blending it onto your cheeks, and shape the color around and up, where you would normally wear your blush and highlight.

I will warn you, this is a very shimmery way of wearing a little color on your cheeks!

I love the Benetint Stain, and it stains your lips as well as your cheeks. On the lips, it is a very raspberry color.

This pic is of my favorite way of using the cheek colors in this set. Voila! These are the benefits from wearing all three! Dallas as the contour, Benetint on the cheeks, and High Beam as the highlight.

Thanks for reading.

Note: I paid for all the items used in this review, I am not affiliated in any way with Benefit, I did not get paid to mention any item here, and all this information is my very own opinion!


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