Monday, December 28, 2009

Matte Magic by China Glaze

Reviews about matte nail polish are all across the spectrum, from love at first sight, to no thanks, not for me! Not sure if you are into the matte movement? Then this product is a worthy investment. Matte Magic is a topcoat, applied to any nail lacquer, and voila! It magically provides instant matte-if-ication!! I am on the fence still about matte color, so adding this to my collection allows me the option to alter any my favorites on a whim!

This isn't a brand new product, and has been mentioned in many blogs, but I still think it is worthy of discussion. For online purchase, here are some links:

Nail de Royal for $3.15
Head2Toe Beauty for $2.99
The Beauty Clutch for $5.99
Ebay for various prices

Notes: This top coat on a regular shiny lacquer does seem to last longer than the matte polishes I have tried, although it is still subject to chipping. It dries very, very fast. One coat does the trick.

Here are some examples of what it does...

China Glaze Pink Underground with Matte Magic China Glaze Secret Periwinkle
with Matte Magic Sephora by OPI Metro Chic with Matte Magic

I think this is a fun way to inexpensively add to your nail polish collection, doubling its color potential! Another suggestion is to use this just on the tips, for a splendid nouveau version on the french manicure!

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