Sunday, December 6, 2009

Very disappointing... I knew better... Most reviews I have read score it at about 3 out of 5. But, the wand was too hard to ignore! So, I impulsively purchased it, it was $9 (paid $7 with a coupon). I did discover the wand is not the part that is aweful, it is the mascara formulation that it comes with.

So I am justifying the purchase of the Telescopic Explosion just for the wand. I will have to re-purchase the Telescopic Carbon Black, and switch out the wand. Keep in mind that because the wand is rubber, it can be cleaned. Because of this... it can be a "makeup brush" investment, right?

About the wand, it is a round ball, and does reach the eyelashes that few traditionally shaped brushes reach. For the bottom lashes, it works amazingly! I've never had such defined length before using this round brush.

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