Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In and Out Right Now- #1

As the year winds to an end, I contemplate what is great right now, and what is not so great...


Fudge. It seems to be displayed in mountainous mounds at every turn, and coming in every package. Although it may go straight to my hips, the need to enjoy it melt in my mouth is overwhelming and can't be avoided!

My new Sony HandiCam was delivered by Santa earlier today. It is beautifully blue, compact, and is charging up now, ready to take on my newly acquired desire to vlog!

Chai tea with clover honey and pumpkin spice creamer... mmm... This may sound odd, but it is divine and seasonal and warm. All the things that a warm drink does to make it a perfect holiday drink. It is a perfect blend of exotic spice mixed with traditionally classic sweet.

Revlon ColorStay for combination/oily skin. This foundation is like a good, true friend. No matter how many times I set it aside to try out other things, it is waiting for my return and never lets me down!


Watery eyes. My eyes seem to reject the heated forced air coming from the wall registers in my apartment, even though the warmth is welcome. Thankfully we have the option to don waterproof and smudge proof eye makeup!

My 'check engine' light made its bright and shiny presence known, and after a diagnostic check up, the offense was identified as an emission problem. :(

Gloomy, overcast darkness keeping away the view of the ocean. I haven't seen the sparkly water in over a week!

Chipped nail polish! Why won't it just stay put until I want to change colors?

Thanks for reading! ♥ What are your In's and Out's of the moment?


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