Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My top ten lipsticks are very pink or neutral shades, from a few brands I have come to love and trust.
From left to right:

MAC Myth, MAC Creme d'Nude, MAC Eden Rocks, MAC Tanarama, MAC Pretty Please
Myth is a satin, and is a very one dimensional wash of nude color, very matte. I love this over a lipliner, and this lipstick seems to last for hours! Creme d'Nude is a creamsheen, and said by some to be the more wearable nude, it is much more sheer and moisturizing. The remaining Eden Rocks, Tanarama, and Pretty Please are all frosts. Pretty Please has a very retro, mod pink frosty quality, and I adore how pale it is.

From left to right:

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy, NYX Clio, NYX Mute, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Satin Sheets, and Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Whisper

Midnight Cowboy is sparkely, very sheer, and very moisturizing. Both Clio and Mute are creamy, with a hint of frost to them, and are lovely colors. Neither are very long lasting, but NYX is inexpensive, with beautiful pigmentation, and the re-aplication doesn't bother me at all.
Both Very Sexy colors are much more dry than the NYX, but the color sticks around a lot longer.
What are your favorite nude or pale pink colors and recomendations?

Note: This entire blog is my opinion. I bought all these items. I am not getting paid for putting any items in my blog. I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies.


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