Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elemental Herbs got this one right! This healing balm is a must have in any skincare and first aid arsenal. It is an organic herbal composition, and is petroleum free. I use this on cuts, scrapes, cat scratches, chapped lips, and even acne! Not only does it have a lovely lavender scent, the presence of lavender essential oil extract keeps bacteria and infection in check.

This is my go-to-item on healing blemishes, when they are at the dry and peeling stage. It is sensitive enough to put on your delicate facial skin, and is also a perfect base to keep your makeup from building up and flaking off, helping concealment last hours longer.

This multipurpose salve also treats cuticles and thirst starved skin on your hands. Washing your hands many times a day in harsh winter climates can cause unsightly and uncomfortably dry skin. To banish scaly, itchy dryness, this balm goes the distance. Because so little goes such a long way, one little jar will last a long time. I have had mine for over a year, and it is only 2/3 used up.

It can also be used as an intensive treatment on dry, callused heals. I just goop it on, and put on cotton socks to lock in the moisturizing and healing properties before going to bed.

With so many uses, this is a bargain product! It is $8.50 for the 1 oz. jar or $13.50 for the 2 oz. jar. I bought the 1 oz. jar. Elemental Herbs have since repackaged this product, but the ingredients are still the same. You can find Elemental Herbs All Good Goop here.

Thanks for reading! ♥ What kinds of multipurpose items do you love to keep on hand?


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