Saturday, December 5, 2009

I had some reward dollars to use up, so I decided to add some more Very Sexy cosmetics to my collection. They recently (summer 09) reformulated and revamped their entire makeup line. Apparently for the better! I am very impressed with every new item I have tried. The eye shadows are amazing! But, since I have no need for any shadows right now, and practically have all the colors, I decied to 'beef' up my lip collection.

Lipstick: ($12 each)
The first two, Breathe and Femme are Matte Creme Lipsticks, very pigmented in color, creamy and smooth. Their case is also a matte black. The last one is Spotlight, a Sparkling Lipstick. It is very wearable, with small light flecks of glitter.

Breathe, Femme, Sotlight

Breathe, Femme, Spotlight

2 Lip Laquers; 1 Lip Gloss: ($10 each)
The lip laquers have the claim to be pearlized, have a high shine and they have buildable color. I would agree with all three claims for Chic. I specifically picked this color out for upcoming holiday parties. It is definatley a change form my pattern of nudes and pinks. The color French Kiss does not have buildable color really, but it is a sparkly nude without much pigmentation, and a high dose of luminosity.
The last one, Embrace is a perfect variation of my favorite color in a gloss! It is very nude and sheer, high shine, and has a mocha type smell. It works perfectly for layering over lipstick, to give it a high shine. :)

French Kiss (golden beige), Chic (wine), Embrace (beige w/shimmer)

French Kiss, Chic, Embrace
Ring Lip Glosses: ($12)
Then, because I am a sucker for a giant ring, especially black and rocker chic looking, I got this lip gloss ring. It says Love on the outside, and Rocks on the inner lid. It is promoting the new Victoria's Secret scent, Love Rocks. The lip gloss is a shimmery red color, with no scent or taste. It goes on very sheer, giving a faint red tint to the lips.

The heart rings also have lip gloss in them. They were on sale, $3 for $15, so I grabbed up all three. The lip glosses are also shimmery, and provide no color pigmentation at all, just a sheer glossy finish. The rings are all the same size, not adjustable, about a size 7.

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